The Power of Photography For Building Your Brand

The Power of Photography For Building Your Brand

In our digital world, the phrase “a picture speaks a thousand words” is more relevant than ever. Visual content is the backbone of brand storytelling, and quality photography has become an indispensable part of effective business branding.

Today, we’ll unpack the critical role photography plays in shaping your business image and share how you can use photography to optimize your brand’s impact on your audience.

The Importance of Photography for Your Business Branding: Why It Matters

So, why is photography such a big deal when it comes to your business branding? Let’s break it down:

  • Create an impactful first impression: First impressions are always important, and in the world of business, it sets the tone for every further interaction you have with a customer. High-quality, authentic photos can convey your brand’s values at a glance and set your brand apart in a crowded market.
  • Conveys your brand personality: While your words will define your brand’s personality, your images provide the foundation. Whether your aim is to project an aura of luxury, silliness, or innovation, a curated selection of company photographs can effectively articulate your brand’s character.
  • It shows you are real people: There’s immense value in humanizing your brand – customers usually prefer to know who they’re dealing with. Company photography that shows the faces behind your business can dramatically increase trust and build a stronger connection with your audience.
  • Drives user engagement: Users engage more with visual content than they do written content, so eye-catching, attractive (in whatever way that means to your ideal customer) images can supercharge your engagement rates on social media. On your website, these same images will encourage users to spend more time with you learning about who you are and what you can offer them.

What kinds of images should my business use for its branding?

To foster a sense of authenticity in your branding, you should utilize a blend of product/service photography, lifestyle images, and team photos.

Your product photography includes high-quality images of what you offer, or images that allude to what you offer if you offer a service. For example, home builders have this type of photography down pat, and always have beautiful images (photos or renderings) of their homes.

Service-based businesses need to be a little more creative, but can still easily achieve this by showing images of your team at work or with customers (this can be role-played for the sake of the photos).

Lifestyle photographs enable customers to visualize how your products or services can seamlessly integrate into their lives and, ideally, give them the uplevel they’re often looking for. For home builders, this could be a photo of a family enjoying their new living room, or a couple enjoying a glass of champagne in their new kitchen or out on their patio overlooking an incredible view. Regardless of what you’re selling, your lifestyle photographs should sell the experience working with you offers.

Team photos add a personal touch to your brand and give customers people to connect with. We say we don’t like to judge people by appearances, but you’ve likely at least once looked at someone and thought, “That’s the person I want to talk to,” when making a purchasing decision. Whether you choose to share professional headshots or candid shots of your team at work, it will offer your customers an insightful glimpse into your company’s culture and values.

Can I use stock images for my business branding?

So now you know why business photography matters, you’re likely wondering what this means for you in terms of your to-do list and budget. While having a professional photographer come to take lifestyle photography of your team at your office is a must, if possible, the good news is that you don’t have to rely on unique professionally-taken images entirely.

Stock images can be an important tool in maintaining your brand over time. The caveat is that you need to select your stock images carefully and make sure they fit in seamlessly with your branding. Instead of going to big sites like Shutterstock, look for industry-specific stock image libraries. While Shutterstock and similar libraries are convenient, their images rarely have the professional finish you need for your brand.

Private stock image libraries created and curated by a small number of photographers will give you a much more professional and on-brand look. They’re also often just as, if not more affordable, and you won’t be using the same images as a thousand other businesses online.

Photography takes your brand to the next level

Photography holds a central role in business branding, crafting captivating visual narratives that resonate with your audience. Your authentic product photos, candid team snapshots, and tastefully chosen stock images can all help you shape perceptions of your brand. For small businesses and home builders alike, investing in high-quality, authentic photography is a highly effective strategy to carve out a distinctive and memorable brand identity.

What’s new in the design world

What’s new in the design world

Graphic design is one of the quickest changing industries in the world.  With new technology and techniques coming out almost every day it can be hard to keep up.  Pixel Parfait has compiled a short list of new and exciting printing techniques, design trends, and more.

NFC Activated Business Cards

NFC technology has been integrated into cell phones for the past few years.  With a simple tap you can share your contact info or a link with your friends.  Simple touch your phone to your friend’s and the information magically transfers.  Now, with new printing technology you can get business cards that have a specially designed chip embedded into the paper that will allow you to tap the card on your phone and be taken to a link, share contact information and much more.  These cards are currently being distributed by watch the video and learn how these cards could be used in your business.  Pixel Parfait is now offering design and set-up/maintenance of these cards and the online platform. Contact us today for more info.

Font Trends


Font choice is an extremely important part of any design.  The font trends are always changing.  According to the Creative blog serif fonts will be making a comeback in 2016.  Pixel Parfait also expects watercolor, hand drawn, and script fonts will be popular in 2016.  The “hand-made” trend has been rising for about 10 years now and we don’t see this trend slowing down in 2016.  Check out this diet coke ad using beautiful hand drawn text.

Photo overlays

This is a trend that has been sneaking up on us for a while.  The simple colors and striking photography makes this a strong trend to look out for.  The great news is that this can be incorporated into many design and marketing projects.  Check out this partial color overly we did for one of our recent clients.


As a design company, Pixel Parfait makes it our priority to keep up on all of the latest trends and technology.  Call us today to see what’s new and how we can blast your business into 2016!