In a largely digital world, social media has become more important than ever, and it’s one of the best ways to reach your customers and a global audience for little-to-no financial investment. Over 3 billion people globally now use social media at least once a month, but while we may browse social media daily, building a presence for our businesses can feel like a monumental undertaking. So, is it worth it?

Well, yes. There are numerous benefits, one of which is brand awareness. Here are 4 ways social media can help you boost brand awareness: 

1.    You Can Stay in Your Customer’s Mind

The biggest benefit of social media when it comes to brand awareness is that it allows you to maintain brand awareness at all times – it doesn’t matter where your customer is in the world, nor what time they’re using social media, they can come across your posts. This means you can increase your brand awareness with every post.

2.    Engage with Your Audience

Nothing increases brand awareness and loyalty like positive, engaging interactions between brands and customers. You can answer questions, show your sense of humor, and develop a relationship for the future. Don’t forget that your followers on social media platforms also represent a goldmine of information – take advantage of polls and this interaction to get ideas from your customers and gain a greater understanding of what you can do to become their go-to for what you offer.

3.    You can promote your other content

It’s likely you run a blog, podcast, or video channel on your website or related platforms to increase your authority and find new customers, and you can share this content with your followers on social media. This is a great way to encourage social sharing (see below), get more traffic to your content, and start to develop a dedicated audience who are waiting for your next article, podcast, or video. Don’t forget to ask them to subscribe to your content either through a newsletter sign up or by subscribing through another platform.

4.    Social shares and viral content

If you create sharable content, your content will have a virility that can be incredibly impactful for brand awareness. The further your content reaches, the better your brand awareness. The key here is to create sharable content that is likely to be shared throughout the community you want to reach – viral content that reaches everyone is great, but a lot of eyes will see it who aren’t likely to become customers.

There’s one big hurdle to reaping the benefits of brand awareness through social media, and that’s consistency. If you’ve ever tried to stay consistent on social media as a small business, especially if you’re not a natural sharer on these platforms, you’ll know how hard it can be. If you aren’t sure how to put together a social media strategy or what to post to reap these benefits, your best next step is to outsource it.

If you’re ready to have your social media taken care of so you can get on with the things you enjoy doing in your business, we’re here to help. Find out more about our social media services here.