If you’ve read a business article, watched a video made by a creative, or spoken to anyone with a business in the last few years, you’ll know about the importance of branding. The online world means there is more competition than ever, and branding is no longer just something for large corporations to think about; it’s relevant for everyone.

But what is branding when it comes to an individual or small business? Let’s find out.

What is personal branding? 

Branding is a wide umbrella under which falls things like color schemes, web design, logos, language, personality, and values. To most, branding is something reserved for a product, company, or association. We think of the famous golden arches of McDonald’s and the white Apple logo with its sleek, minimalistic product and website design.

But if you’re a service provider or a creative, you need branding, too! Creating a personal brand strengthens your business by making it clear that you’re the go-to person in your realm. Your brand as a musician, content creator, or small business owner declares who you are and what customers can expect from you.

4 Reasons Why Personal Branding Can Help Your Business
  1. It builds consistency which cultivates trust. When a client knows exactly what to expect from your business, they’re more likely to trust you with their custom again and again. Your branding ensures they know what to expect from you – whether that’s motivational speeches or high-quality modern furniture design.
  2. It helps you stand out from your competitors in a saturated market. Since so much of any business’s presence is represented online these days, you need to stand out from the competition – which is often global. Imagine you are trying to choose between two interior designers; would you contact the one whose website is just a portfolio and you don’t know anything about them other than their name, or the designer who is always friendly and available to answer questions on social media? Almost certainly the latter.
  3. It shows your authenticity. A person or company that consistently projects the same aesthetic and values comes across as more genuine and legitimate. This ties in with the first point as it works to develop a trusting network of clients and peers. Your personal brand can be more honest and open than a company’s brand, meaning you may share personal stories as a way to connect with your customers.
  4. It leads to better networking and more business generation. Business is inherently competitive, but by establishing a clear personal brand, you can make yourself seen in a way unique to you. Many of your peers may be as educated and experienced as you, but if you’re the person putting yourself out there as an authority in your industry, people will be drawn to you over them.
How do you create a personal brand?

Creating a personal brand shouldn’t be much different than creating one for your business – and indeed, most of the time they may be the same. Your business may be named after you or you may simply represent it. Regardless, your personal brand gives people a face and an anchor point. It’s much easier to know, like, and trust someone than it is a faceless brand.

Ultimately, creating a personal brand is all about demonstrating who you are and why you’re the best person for the job. Prospective clients want to know who you are, so it’s always a good idea to be authentic and honest about what you stand for.

Is it time to give your brand a refresh?

It’s the start of a brand new year, so now is a great time to consider rebranding or updating your current brand. If you need a little help in the branding department, Pixel Parfait has got you covered! We can assist you with branding creation, social media management, blogging, and email marketing, so why not schedule a free consultation today?